Fourteen Days of Love - Day One/Garden Seeds

I'm starting day one of 'Fourteen Days of Love' with a quote by St. Augustine. I agree with his assessment of falling in love. No love matches the love of God for us while we were still sinners. Truly, falling in love, seeking him, and finding him through his Son, Jesus Christ, is my life's greatest achievement, and I hope it is yours too.

Today, I opened up a storage box labeled 'Valentine's Day,' and found all kinds of sweet tokens of love. I know that some who walk with God do not celebrate this holiday since it has its origin in paganism. I am of the mind that any day can be reclaimed and rededicated to God, with sweetness and light substituted for vileness, in the same way that a life lived contrary to God's will can be set right by repentance and following his statutes. I love the way garden and whimsy are combined here. This photo is part of Skywatch Friday

I picked up some garden seeds at a local Farm Center today. It's the first time I will be trying Olds Garden Seeds. I have high hopes that all these seeds will grow for me this year. I'll be starting the Black-Eyed Susan and Moonflower vines soon since I hope to have them near bloom when it's time to plant them outdoors. 


  1. I am glad you are writing a blog about gardening. I hope to plant the coleus seeds you sent.

    1. They stay viable for years...they should do well. If not, I can send you more.

  2. Do keep us informd as to how things are growing.

  3. I will do that...thanks for stopping by the blog today. Please visit again. 😊


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